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Stand 06-2014: Die folgenden Geräte und Software habe ich selbst getestet und empfehle sie uneingeschränkt Du hast mehrere Möglichkeiten, Deinen Gesang in professioneller Qualität aufzunehmen. Aufnahmegeräte Empfehlungen 1.) Die Software-Lösung (Dein komplettes digitales Tonstudio) -> [Aufnahme-Programm] 2.) Die Hardware-Lösung (Für Live-Aufnahmen "aus dem Raum") -> [Aufnahmegerät]

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Ebook “Singing – What you need to know”

Ebook "Singing - What you need to know". A must for beginners, interesting for professionals too. Pop and classical singing are given equal priority, so that you remain flexible and keep your options open! Start getting informed about the most important facts about singing now! Avoid wasting tons of time and money with the wrong [...]

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Welcome to SingWithPassion.com ! Here you´ll find everything you need for singing: Tutorials, articles, products and a professional coach! My name is Matthias Ernst Holzmann, I am a german opera-, jazz- and pop-singer, voice-over-artist, composer and producer. I have over 16 years of experience as a professional singer and more important than this: I had [...]

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